Hello, and Welcome to my website.


I’m happy and glad that you found me. Let me tell you a bit about who I am and what I do:

Currently living in Montreal, Canada, I originally started my entrepreneurial journey in Manhattan – the big apple. I was only 20 going to 21 at the time and was considered a highly sought after Debt Arbitration Specialist. In simple terms, I helped people who were going through the financial crisis during 2008 and 2009.

At the time, my role was simple. Help people get out of a sticky situation due to the large amounts of debts that they had. Albeit that banks had a great part to play in it. Part of my duties included modifying loans and settling large amounts of high-interest debts on behalf of my customers.

Soon after, I discovered my passion in the wall street area of banking. Being interested in large settlements and seeing bonds being sold to foreign investors, I got curious about investment banking. I began doing my research and enrolled in closed-door premium mastermind groups where I learned the trade and skills to put together solid transactions.

I learned everything that was needed in terms of investment banking which included valuations, M&A, debt restructurings, capital markets to underwriting. As I began digging deeper and deeper into my passion, I learned that I was only interested in serving a distinct type of clientele. This is where I pursued my passion to become a Qualified Family Office Professional.

As a specialist, I work exclusively with families and institutional clients who have a minimum of $10 million or more in assets, with most being in the average of $100 million. This allowed me to get more familiar with capital preservation strategies and drove me to put together the most sophisticated and advanced asset protection and tax efficient vehicle in the world. Part of this bespoke wealth product includes full disclosure and having the opportunity to work with the IRS’s exempt department.

Being part of this distinct community, I was driven to engage actively in pursuing private equity and other direct investing mandates. Through these platforms, I had the privilege of mentoring businesses who were looking for financial partners and required added value to help them grow.

Presently, I mentor businesses who are in need of capital and have the right infrastructure for growth. This is an exclusive capital matchmaking service where I bring them in front of high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth members looking to deploy liquidity into projects strategically.

I also actively participate in speaking engagements that relate to business best practices, marketing strategy, asset protection and diversity within global markets for investors.